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Death Eater requirements list

LOL in a facebook convo, the subject of Lucius dancing in AVPS came up, and a friend wondered if he had learned to dance with Voldemort or if it was a required skill... and so I came up with this.

"To join the Death Eaters you must:
- Like to kill, maim, torture and destroy
- Be available to kill, maim, torture and destroy at any time of the day (or the year; the Dark Lord does not care about stupid things like Yule or Birthdays)
- Accept that you can (and will) be tortured, maimed and/or see your
personal belongings destroyed, either with or without a cause. You also
accept that you may be killed at any point of your stay as a Death Eater
(which is forever. And you will probably be killed either by one side
or the other, so don't value your life too much)
- Be able to withstand pain
- Like snakes
- Like hearing Parseltongue (bonus points if it gets you off)
- Be able to dance. Ballroom dance preferential, but ballet and
contemporary are also accepted. [Do be aware that every contender trying
out for the place of a Death Eater will be evaluated on their dancing
skills. Any type of cheerleading dance will cause you to be AK'ed on
sight, unless you're really hot.]
- Like tattoos
- Bonus points if you were a Slytherin in your Hogwarts years

To try out contact Our Lord Voldemort at voldietapsfoot[at]evilmail.com.
Or you can send an owl with a message, if you are a very conservative
person. (Be aware that Our Dark Lord likes the Internet very much,
because he can torment people with spam and viruses. If you say anything
remotely offensive, expect torture and/or death)"




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