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Oh Merlin, I feel like I've forgotten how this works xD

Why yes, I am returning to our dear el-jay and totally blaming my lack of updates on uni and facebook, why do you ask?? xP

Ahh, I'm such a procrastinator. I procrastinate, that's what I like to do in life xD Also, I went to uni today, since it was my first day of classes. Yeeaah, no classes for me today xD (just rearraging my timetable, I really hate my university's class choosing system. But today I gave it a swift kick in the nuts. "Take that, you stupid thing," I said, and then I showed it my pretty little tongue. :D)

I'm sure tomorrow teachers will be starting their scheduled lectures and I'll have to enter reality, but for now I'm still in la-la-land (or denial, whatever you wanna call it lol) and I still feel like I'm on vacations.

...actually, I'm pretty sure I'll only leave the denial stage when the reports and presentations are given out for us to do, but for now I don't really care. =3 As proven by the fact that I'm gearing up my livejournal again haha!

But yeah, I've been feeling the pull towards livejournal for a few days or should I say, the pull towards RPG games, particularly Glee-related? ...I'm such a dork xD so I've finally given in to my urges. Everytime I come back I feel like I should remodel everything here. Y'know, change my background, userpics, interests, etc. I think I'll do that.

...LJ is also becoming my second homepage, so I'll see it whenever I open my browser and no, my first one isn't facebook thankyouverymuch, it's google. Just so I can see the pretty pictures they have there sometimes, when the date calls for it :3. I feel like that way I won't be TWO FREAKING YEARS away from it. Sweet baby Jesus. Sometimes I surprise myself.

[EDIT:] put it as a tag, forgot to talk about it xD ...POTTERMORE INVITE EMAIL, Y U NO HERE YET? D=
[EDIT2:] spoke too soon. IT FINALLY ARRIVED!  :D :D *dances around wildly*


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